World as a Reflection.

I want to talk to you today, my dear readers, about something that became a true revelation for me, may be you came to similar observations as well. I want to share discovery, that I faced, while observing my life, and lives of my multiple clients around the Globe. This observation and discovery just blew my mind.

Majority of you, who will be reading this post, would discover, that what they were thinking about this world and the way they were perceiving it, as not that true, as they thought it is. Nothing is stapled, not laws that can not be changed, even laws of physics change lately and this is due to one and simple fact, I will talk about this later on.

But meanwhile what I want to assure you at is that once you will come to same understanding, you, everyone of you no exceptions, will be able to change your life for better. This approach will let you solve any issue you are currently facing in your life fast and efficient, you will be able to control what is happening around you, this approach opens you endless possibilities for limitless creation. Are you intrigued? Keep reading...

To be more specific, I will start from real life examples, so that you would see that this is not just another nice story or theory, but this is actually the ways our world is. Based on my own life, and lives of my Clients I came to that clear understanding, that world around us, is nothing but the reflection of our Inner Self, of what sits there in our subconsciousness.

I know, that now many of you, will argue, that Hey Elena, you are not discovering a wheel, that this theory that World is Mirror is as old as the world itself. And you will be absolutely correct. Bad thing is that majority of us perceive this World-Mirror statement as nothing more but just another nice theory, not applying this to themselves.

On my end, I came to completely Life-changing Program, that combines various practices and techniques, through which you would be able to change your life instantly. Here you can read more about it, and inquire additional information. But now, I want to tell you more, what is that Theory doing in our life, as this is much more than just another nice theory.

I want to talk to you about what do you actually see in this Life Mirror, how to understand that and even more how to change what you see there.

To start with, think about one thing - this reflection in the mirror is not working the way you would think it would. We all know Bible teaching of Luke 6:31 "And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them", but I would be brave enough to tell that not everyone understands this statement correctly. You all more likely faced the situation, when you treat person with all heart, but do not have same attitude in response.

The truth is that our Mirror of Life does not reflect our external self, but rather our deep subconscious self, something that we might not even realize.

Look at this picture below, this is my representation of how world around us acts.

Look at this circle - it is your Life, where you are in the Center of everything, you are pure consciousness, Creator of your reality. And keep in mind that this blue sphere of Life has reflecting surface inside. And this Sphere of Life reflects everything that is hidden in our sub-consciousness. So, based on the real life situations of my clients, let's have a look at several cases, how this Mirror reflected in their lives. I will be moving counter-clockwise

Imagine this is Mike, who reached out to me with the situation, that really troubled him. He is 37 years old businessmen, who has no family, and the only live relative is his mother. But when he called her a while ago, she said that she is ashamed, that she has such son. "No one needs you, you did not even manage to create family, you only think about your job, and do not even visit me more than for Christmas, once a year. I am sorry that I have such a son, I feel that I do not even have son" - that's what she told him. This situation really impacted Mike, but what he did not realize was that it all happened only because he allowed this situation to happen. On his subconsciousness level he was feeling guilty for not living according to his mother's hopes for a happy old age, surrounded by daughter in la and grandchildren. So in his life mother just reflected the emotional status, that Mike was planting inside. As soon as he realized reason for this situation and forgave himself sincerely (and I shall admit it took a while) his mother called same day in tears, asking for forgiveness and saying that she did not mean to offend him.

Let me share with you couple more situations from this Life Mirror sphere. Anna is in desperate situation, she soon will be 42 and all her attempts to give birth to a child failed. Deep analysts revealed that, when she was very small girl, her parents separated, and her mom was not lucky to create new family. So pretty often Anna's mother were saying something like "I wish I had an abortion" or "If it was not for you, I would already be married". So from the very childhood Anna fixed very negative subconscious program that child is a burden, that children interfere with personal life and that you can not be happy if you have children. So when we discovered the Reflection, and Anna started working with her inner fears, when she let new pattern inside the issue was resolved. Currently Anna has 3 year old son and loving husband.

Look at the remaining Reflections and let me know in comments what pattern of subconscious believes could reflect into such situations. Look at your own life and see what is it reflecting. When you will think about it and do some analysis you would see that world around you was created only by you, just unconsciously. And with this understanding another revelations comes - you do not need any external actions to change your life, to change peoples attitude, to change your situation, that would be absolutely useless, as all reflections on the inner mirror of your life will start changing as soon as you will sincerely admit the internal root of this reflection and change it.

I am not saying it will be an easy endeavor, for sure it will involve lots of work directed to the deep transformation of your consciousness, you would need not only to identify your negative believes, but start your own transformation, that is always ways harder than trying to transform others:) You would need to work with your fears, guilt, forgiveness, jealousy, limiting ideas, you need to fight everything that brings you those bad reflections. You may join my Program, that already helped hundreds people in various corners of the world, or you can work on that by yourself, does not matter, just start doing it.

Stop doing same mistake over and over again, trying to change people or situation around you by lots of external actions. It would be same, as you are trying to make-up your reflection in the mirror and not your true self.

Meanwhile, all events of your life can be managed quite easily, if you learn to manage your inner world.

For many people it would be hard to understand and to accept, but for me and for lots of my clients it became so obvious. My whole life is nothing but the unconscious dialogue with my inner-self through other people, situations, information, etc.

People around me in some incomprehensible way know about my deep thoughts, feelings, emotions and reflect those to me through their personal words, behaviors, or attitude.

We used to think that world around us exists independently from us, and that all people around have their own characters, their worldviews and this is fixed and can not be changed. But I am saying you, that other people do not have any power to influence me or my life, they just reflect myself and what is hidden in my inner mind.

Today I see absolutely clearly that the whole world in which I live, my standard of living, the conditions in which I live, my income and the income of my family, my relationship with my husband, my daughters, my mother, my attitude to other people and their attitude to me, my health , you name it, anything in my life is just is a continuation of me, just a reflection, or a projection of my inner consciousness, of my deep faith, of those programs that I absorbed in my childhood or may be that I brought from previous incarnations.

My whole life is a One Men Show!

I know that some of you would comment below that this is all nonsense and can not be trues, and you know what? You will write that only due to my subconscious belief that this information would be hard to be accepted by a lot of 3-dimensional people. And this will be only one more proof to myself, that there is no external force that would affect my life, making me happy or suffering. The power that creates my outer world is inside me, and that it is me.

It will be hard to accept and understand, but I am saying that if a criminal case is initiated against a person close to you - the reason is in you, if your husband has a problem with potency - the reason is in you, if wife tries tries to sue for children - the reason is in you, if your salary is small - the reason in you, if you can not lose weight - the reason in you, if you do not get raise at work - the reason is not in the boss, but in you,

and other other hand if you have awesome family, close nice friends, good health and happy and wealthy person - the reason is in you.

Just keep in mind always - people around you can not behave differently, they are just marionettes in your theater and simply reflect your subconscious beliefs and feelings related to one or another situation.

In order to create happy events in your life, you need to deeply realize your authorship of life and you need to set your subconscious mind free from negative beliefs, emotions and feelings.

Modern quantum reality gently forces each of us to turn from looking outside to search inside. And the sooner we understand this, the better.

By changing ourselves through awareness, we literally change the world around us!

Reflect on what I said above, start watching your inner world and your life. I know that from original denial of all said above you will understand pretty soon, hat your external world is an exact copy of the inner world.

Waiting for your comments and see you soon.


Elena Sanina

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