Why did i come to earth?

The Truth is that lots of problems in our lives are related to the fact that we do not know anything about our mission, our goals and objectives in this life, and therefore we spend it in aimless and useless, and often harmful search for ghosted values imposed by the global governing system. Do you really believe that the main purpose of your life is to run after the clothes, money, new cars and gadgets, mansions and yachts? Did you even have time to ask yourself why do we live and why are we here? What are we doing in this world of physical reality?

So why do we sometimes begin to pursue misfortunes and failures in our way of life? Why, despite the daily efforts, happiness turns away from us all further? The only answer is - that all happens as we do not follow our destiny. It so happened that right after birth we completely forgot about our mission (why it happened and who is trying to hide our Destiny from us, I will talk in one of my next posts, but here I just want you to focus on the Destiny itself). How to find out about memory of previous lives as well as the karmic tasks set during the current incarnation? There are variety of techniques, one of those I really like is so called shamanic journeys, through which you would be able to recover all this missing pieces of the information puzzle.

There are many people, who are unhappy with their Destiny, yet, they do not try to change anything, but quite opposite, they say everything is predestined, I can not do anything to change it. Such people, simply deny the fact, that the reason of all failures lays deeply in themselves. As they may be doing something wrong: whether they do not know what is their destiny or they resist their Destiny or they constantly makes mistake, doing not the best choice in fateful situations, since such person does not trust himself, or limits himself in his choice and relies too much on the opinions of other people.

I want you not to mix up Destiny and Predetermination. Every person has Destiny, you may call it Mission, if you wish. I prefer Mission myself, and we are not bonded by the ties of Predetermination. Every person has free will. So, when you are born into this word Universe itself will try to lead you the way, that will be easiest one for the Mission completion. However some people do not even care to find out what their Mission is, others resist to it

But we must look carefully for the signs of Destiny that lead you along the path intended for you. And do not resist them. Again Destination is not the same as predetermination. Rather, it can be said this way: the one who follows the destination is determined to the happiest fate. And within the framework of our Mission we were given almost unlimited freedom. It is your choice whether you want to live modestly or richly, alone or surrounded by a large number of loved ones, in a city or village, in any country of the world. The main thing is to follow your Mission, and as long as you are doing it all the ways, all the possibilities will be open to you.

But how can I know that I do follow my Mission?

If you follow your mission everything in your life goes more or less smoothly and safely. Of course, no one is immune from mistakes or from the wrong choice. Therefore, even in the life of a person living meaningfully and following his Mission, there are problems and troubles. But the difference between the person who understands his Mission, timely takes care of such mistakes and his life goes back on track, while those who do not care even to figure out, what their mission is, keep failing and failing.

With my Clients I work deeply on re-discovery of their Life Mission and setting up frame-work on how to start following it, and as soon as we fix it they come back to me telling how fantastically their lives change. I want you to know, that it is not late to discover your Mission almost at any age. Already after 21 day of following your intended path you will see how much happier and lucky you become and you will have completely new meaning to your life. So I assume you already realized, that first and foremost you need to define hat your Mission is. And if you are afraid of shamanic travels, you can ask for help from specialists in regressive hypnosis who can help your mind to return in to "between life" state, to that very moment when your current incarnation Mission was determined. There is another way to clarify your Mission, but it takes time and patience, and is directly related to the awakening and development of your intuition, which is the voice of our higher self.

It is our higher self that, unlike us, is fully aware of our goals, objectives and mission in this life. And, therefore, at a certain level of development of intuition, we can receive this information in the form of instant illumination or a vivid dream-picture, or in the form of randomly heard information.

It all depends on the way your higher self will give you the answer to your question. But you need to ask first!

I am exited to hear from you in the comments below and see you soon,

Elena Sanina

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