What holds you back from Quantum Jump?

The evolution of a person's consciousness unfolds along an ascending spiral:

From the survival (and satisfaction of basic needs) to the highest point of development - the attainment of Unified consciousness

One can develop for as long as they want (even through several incarnations), but if a person does not make a quantum jump to the next level of consciousness, then such person would be basically moving around in a circle, repeatedly stepping on the old habitual rake.

To move to the next level of development, i.e. to evolve, a person must make a "quantum jump".

In quantum physics quantum jump or often reffered as quantum leap is a term in that refers to the nature of particle changes:

Instead of a continuous change, a discontinuous jump occurs. At one moment of time a particle is inside the nucleus. The next moment it comes out. There is no intermediate state, no time, when the particle is in the motion. Quantum theorists call this discontinuous transition a quantum leap. That's the quote of Jim Loy , that describes the process in very simple way "A quantum leap is a leap from A to B, without passing through any of the points between A and B".

So what's in all that for us?

Imagine someone was attached to some spiritual and developmental practices for 15 years ... At some point, a there is Jump in his development, and it is impossible to determine what exactly caused this jump. How do you know that this happened? One of the indications that you did this Jump if when you need to face again to issues or problems that seemed to be times in past, but you start seing new edges of those issues, those that you did not understand before. This is is sign of Quantum jump, meaning that your mind is perceving things that were not open to it before. We can copmare it to music - let's assume before Quantum jump you knew that there are 7 notes, and that what you've learned and mastered, but suddenly you see that there are 49 of them. So even you worked on 7 major aspects of your life, after Quantum jump you start clearly realizing that you still have 42 more areas of your life to work at.

Levels of consciousness development

There are many shades of consciousness level.

Each level indicates certain knowledge and experience, after practicing those you can go to the next level. With each new experience and understanding of one aspect of consciousness it becomes easier for a person to move on to the next aspect of consciousness, or to the new level of understanding.

When a person passes through one aspect of consciousness, new doors open, new experiences are explored, and he can move to the understanding of next aspect of consciousness.

There are multiple theories and approaches in defining levels of consciousness, below are Levels of Seals of consciousness suggested by Richard Barrett, where he put to the bottom of the pyramid basic human needs and on top very spiritual once

Another view is suggested by David Hawkins consciousness scale below. According to his scale, any object in the universe, be it a plant, an emotion, an idea, a thought and even a political system, has a certain amount of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency and takes a certain position - the energy level.

The Consciousness map is a scale from 0 to 1000, where a certain number corresponds to each energy level.

(image source dreamcatcher.net)

Moving from 0 to 1,000, the perception of reality changes, from perception based on Fear, to perception based on Love.

At the very bottom - there is level of Shame at 20 points. This state is close to death, a state of complete physical and moral decadence.

The highest state, not clouded by beliefs and prejudices - the state of Enlightenment, at the level of 1,000.

If you read so far, more likely you have 2 questions by now:

1. Ho do I know at what level of consciousness am I at now?


2. What to do to make a quantum leap?

tell me in comments if I am not right

Spiritual teachers tell that is not possible to notice time and reason when and why quantum jump of your consciousness happens. So it is something out of our control. Let's than focus on those things that we can control and have a look, on understanding, when the quantum jump DOES NOT happen.

Sticking to the "old" level of consciousness

Let's have a look at the examples, when someone, despite all his/her efforts, continues to move endlessly along the beaten track in a circle.

(Finally I am coming closer to the main objective of this post)

So, when I would be looking at those examples, I want to post a disclaimer: all those examples are just for the clarity of the material and not intended to offend anyone, so do not take anything personally.

#1. Let's start with the easiest one - affirmations. What's wrong with affirmations? Nothing, but let's have a closer look.

Affirmations for every single aspect of your life

If you are the person practicing affirmations, think about yourself at the very beginning of this journey. When you just started using those in your life, writing some phrases on your sticky notes and repeating those hundreds times per day : "I am worthy to live in love and abundance! The universe loves me and cares for me!" and so on... Do those affirmations work? For sure they do, but only at the certain stage of your development. Here's the thing - the more times you say the affirmation, the easier it is for you to tune to the vibration of reality, where such life really exists.

But can you spend all your life just mumbling something to yourself under your nose? Would be a bit funny.

What happens in real life is that once you have BELIEVED that all the phrases you say are realistically achievable, you stop using them.

First you would think of those only at the time of some failures, and then you will completely stop using them.

Maybe affirmations just stop working? No, not at all. You simply outgrew them. And this is really amazing.

#2. Laws of the Universe

When you come to the understanding that YOU yourself control everything in your life, you start analyzing. And at the beginning, more likely, you would not be thinking on what had happened in your past that created your current future, but will be looking for the information on how to create desired future.

And in the search for knowledge, you will eventually come to the literature, which tells about Laws of the Universe, which no one yet had ever managed to get around.

The most common Law is known as the power of No, or always say Yes.

So what is that one about? The Universe DOES NOT hear the word NO.

Therefore, when you think about what you do not want, you eventually end up with the exact opposite.

May be you recall yourself in the described above. I know it from personal experience. You start focusing on rephrasing everything that you think and say. And eventually it turns into nightmare, this "yes-no" game literally starts taking over you. Bad goes worse - you start noticing, that this Law actually works, and as soon as you say I do not want that to happen, it immediately comes to your life - but. If you are ready for development, another quantum jump happens, you suddenly realize that this all is about programming only, and nothing more. That again, you and only you are in control.

# 3. Never-ending chakra activation

This one is about energy practices. Eventually, in your daily search for Truth, you will realize that you need more energy, and you will look for the practices, that would allow you to activate your energy system. You've read about chakras, and decided that those are blocked, and you need to unblock them. (I allow myself to give slight smile here, as so many people, including myself, went through this). So you start doing energy gymnastics. And you already feel how energy flows in your body, you can tell, when some of your thoughts or actions, block this energy, you know, when energy level is high or low, but you keep on spending hours and hours in various breathing techniques, and energy boost exercises. But, once you felt those energy flows, and understood, where energy comes from is it worth continuing to practice those energy exercises so hard every day?


If everything works as it should, let it work. Why bother? You can always go back to the gym when you feel a breakdown ...

You've already done the most important thing - returned to yourself the sensitivity and efficiency.

#4. Tips and other "crutches"

Truly said that each person is created in the image f God. But it takes time for us to believe in this and to understand what does it mean.

When you step to the path of development, Universe starts sending us hints and guidance from above. And we accept this guidance, forgetting that it is there not to do our homework, but to show us the correct path. And those tips and hints from the Universe come to us long enough till Universe sees that we have enough evidences to understand where to go. And it stops, It wants us to move on ourselves, and what happens. A lot of us feel abandoned and betrayed, as they think that they are not guided anymore. And instead of moving forward, they drop back to their old lives and habits. Stagnation begins. We fail the lesson - as alone with the development of our consciousness we step onto higher level of responsibility., and this responsibility is first and foremost is for our own actions. And at this point You either get behind the wheel, turn on the ignition and drive or ... continue to sit and wait for someone else to take over and take you to the right place. If You will not stop waiting for signals from the side you will not know what you need to do next.

If this is your stopping point, ask yourself: How many PROOFS, EVIDENCE and CONFIRMATIONS do you need to move in your chosen direction?

#5. Spiritual Contacts

This is my favorite corn))

First you swallow book after book in search of knowledge. Then you are hooked on channeling and you can not live a day without another divine forecast. You start studying Taros, Runes or other tools, that would help you in choosing the right direction. And this become your drug, you can not do single step without those. And the longer you take doze, the more difficult it is for your body to learn how to live on its own... If you do not open your stack of cards or do not cast Runes You feel bad, you've lost your feelings, you're stuck. So you developed another addiction which blocks your innate ability to ascend to ANY of the levels of being ...

* * * * *

Those are just 5 examples of blocks that you may encounter on the way of your consciousness development, but you can name much more actually.

And if you would get stuck in those you would not be able to Quantum jump, you will be just walking around the circle.

It is time now, that you need to stop and ask yourself - Am I ready to move on. At the very beginning of your journey, you already had that enlightenment, when you realized that you are creator, and you can achieve anything, if you will move on. So start acting and Jump!

With love,

Lena Sanina

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