What do I really want? How to hear voice of your SubC?

Do you know what is that you really want? Lot's of you will tell me now - for sure, I want big home, I want to go to Paris, I want new car.....and you know what? I will tell you, that you are absolutely wrong, mistakenly you are taking those "so called dreams", as your actual desires. And I want to show you why. Ready? Than keep reading, as I am going to show you right now, how to listen to the voice of your subconsciousness (or SubC, as I call it) and to finally start doing, what you really want, and this, in turn, will bring you the life full of magic and amazing things.

It is very simple, yet very powerful tool. Every morning when you are just wake up, mentally ask yourself: "My Soul, what do you want today?" Ask that from the very depth of your heart, and not from the rational mind. We will be learning how to hear our inner voice, I do not promise it will come to you immediately, but eventually, you will be able to recognize that Inner Sparkle, that lights your desires.

Do not expect that your Soul will ask you for something huge or unrealistic. You ill not hear from It anything like that: "Hey I want you immediately go to Maldives or I want latest Ferrari". Real desires of your Soul, would not be huge and not achievable - those are desires of your mind, that are stipulated in your brain more by the society, that you live in, and not by the true inspiration of your Soul.

Yet, when you start talking to your Soul, and you will hear, that will make you quite surprised that true Soul desires actually correspond to your current life situation, your opportunities and your level of development.

It will be some strong, but spontaneous desire - may be you suddenly would want to call a friend that you did not call for ages; or, may be you would strongly eager to have some meal from your childhood; or you will know that you need to read some specific book or just go and walk around the lake - you will know, you will feel, that this sporadic desire comes right from your Soul.

And when you will start doing it, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of these feelings, enjoy the process, be in the "here and now" moment! At the beginning your Body and Mind would be sabotaging you, always trying to find you something else that you should do, trying to distract you from the real desires of your soul. But the more you will be following this simple and nice practice, the more you will learn to listen to and follow your inner calls, true desires of your SubC, the easier would be your way to materialize your conscious desires, as it provides you with a constant, continuous streaming and very high vibration.

Your rational mind, of course, will riot and say: "All this is crap! Get up, you need to go make money! "- and be sure it is the way your Mind is misleading you.

We live in very special, quantum moment of time, and anything that comes from "I must" position, literally brings your level of energy and your vibrations down, thus only moving you away from your ultimate Goal, moving you ways far from the life you deserve.

When you follow the flow of life, listening to your Soul, you life gets full of miraculous events, people and feelings, that would transform everything around you in a very spectacular way. Your World's Reflection starts showing you exactly what you've always wanted to see there. And if you want to know more on how to start following your real dreams and desires so, that your life would become abundant in every single aspect, you can join my Program here.

But meanwhile share with me in comments, when is that you last followed true desires of your Soul, what were those and how did you feel?

See you soon,


Elena Sanina

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