Weak woman! Let it be!

Weak woman! Let it be!

If you are to look at it at 90 degree angle that you may say the women’s weakness is a soft, pleading demonstration by women of their difficulties, inability to cope with the situation without assistance.

Women’s weakness is not inherent in the normal woman, and when you see poor women and women’s weaknesses, you can be sure – 1) this play is for man (90% of cases), or 2) she learned behavior, in which woman has played this role and now she is unconsciously copy-pasting it and can not get rid of it.

Let’s have a close look at so called weak women, and see if to be weak is so bad.

If a woman is not disabled or seriously ill, female weakness – is an absolute snag, and the myth of feminine weakness in any place, in fact, does not exist. In the absence of man same woman never shows her weakness, and copes with everything.

If a man left home on a business trip, his wife without any difficulties copes with all life’s circumstances, sometimes (and pretty often) with such ones that her husband could not deal before. “Whoever is saying that woman is weak, let him try to pull off her throw from her when she is sleeping at night…”

But the great wisdom of women is that when her husband returns from a business trip, she will tell him that without him, she broke all here, without him it was awful and it is so great he is back, as he is her real savior. For sure any man would be pleased with such words and he would want to do even more, but we all know the price for these words: smart woman without a man that is easily coping with any difficulties.

Women’s weakness is a real knick-knack that wise woman uses to make her way in organising others to help her, and basically girls master such Role from very childhood. Children’s shyness – one of the manifestations of such Role. The thing is that while growing up boys are explained by adults that this Game is not for real men, while everyone looks at shy girls with affection, is reinforcing such behavior.

Women’s weakness – it is a game that she plays for men. Men enjoy feeling that he is smart, strong, intelligent, wonderful and the if there is a wise woman aside such man she will always play he role of being weak and helpless so that he would feel his power and strength.

A man takes a woman’s hand and woman easily walks, leaning on his arm – both of them are happy! Do you really believe that without his help she would not be able to go down the stairs? – And Man knows this as well, but he is pleased to show his care and concern.

Majority of women as well like to feel being little and caring for her; she likes, when someone does her regular home work from time to time.

So we see that women’s weakness is beneficial to both parties, and well as the myth of feminine weakness supported by both parties to the mutual joy. Women weakness is manipulation, but due to the fact that in mostly such manipulation is supported by both parties – man and woman – so no one calls it this way. Until…when woman starts overplaying. It is when woman moves into the position of the unfortunate victim, and starts new game called “inner saboteur.”

Roots of “inner saboteur” game as well are in childhood, like of many other manipulative games. While learning these Games children learn resentment, and fatigue, and tears.

Tears and miserable helplessness are mainly girls’ role-playing, as it is often supported by adults: girls easily get offended, they cry, they drop shoulders and stop talking to you.  And how is it reflected when such girl grows up? It is very often that woman become really helpless and can cope with her personal difficulties. The truth is that real men do not like such women and try not to mess with them.

“Weak woman” is the game that wise and strong woman like to play and this game is respected by men, as they know that their woman has her reasonable boundaries in this game and she would not cross them. While on the other hand so called “female helplessness”, when woman is rudely manipulating her man, making him to serve her desires is very bad habit. Decent woman do not play this destructive role ever.

Do you play a role of weak woman in your relationship or you are a manipulator? Share in comments, I’d love to hear from you.

With love,

Helen Sanina

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