The Psychology of Weight Loss

Are trying to lose weight, and fail after each diet that you've taken? That's because you need to start not from your body, but from your brain. First and foremost you have to agree with your brain, so that it understands why exactly do you need to get rid of extra pounds. Why is that needed and how to do that? Keep reading. In this article you will find expert opinion, that will help absolutely any person, who is trying to lose weight.

Why do you think excess weight appears?

Could it be that very doughnut you ate after 6 pm? Or is it all about bad genes? Or, may be, something wrong is with your the wrong metabolism? There are lots of different hypotheses why people can be overweight for no apparent reason. Whereas the right answer is known to each of us.

Let us go back to school biology course. Which organ governs absolutely all the processes in your body? That's right, it is our brain! Thus would be quite silly to blame your metabolism, bad genes, recent pregnancy or your fitness instructors that your body does not transform as quickly as you would like.

Who is blocking all your efforts? There can only be one answer: your brain!

That's why all pounds that you lost during dieting (I'dd better say starving, as this is what majority of modern diets are about) often come back, sometimes even sooner than expected. After all, torturing your stomach with hunger strikes, you only eliminate the symptoms of the disease. And the reason for your excess weight is not in the stomach, not in the genes, not in the eaten sandwich, but in your head. And in order to lose weight once and forever, you need to start cooperating with your brain.

How about what I will tell you now? You do not need diet pills or liposuction; the most important dietitian and weight loss instructor sits inside you - this is your subconscious! You sub-C knows why you gained weight. It knows why you need extra pounds. And your subconscious mind keeps information about the ideal way to lose weight for you. The trick is to fetch this useful information from your subconscious, and then program yourself for harmony. Sounds too good to be true? Yet, it is true.

Once you will dig out this hidden information from the hidden storage archive of your sub-C then your brain will give the appropriate command to all other systems of your body, and they, in turn, will work as a coherent harmonious mechanism, creating the body of your dreams.

So let me talk about the most common reasons for overweight, that i find to be true in many of my clients' stories.

Hidden Benefit

Sometimes a person himself does not realize that being overweight is beneficial to him. For example, a woman who has suffered severe emotional trauma in love can unknowingly gain pounds in order to push men away from her.

Reflective Feedback or boomerang effect

Weight is often gained by people who in the past vehemently criticized and condemned completeness: “I hate fat people! How can one dissolve in such a way ?! ”or“ I will never allow myself to get so fat ”, etc.

Negative self-programming. If you often seriously, for fun or for coquetry, call yourself a “fat woman” or a “fat cow”, the brain could take these words as a guide to action and give the body the appropriate command. And the body, unquestioningly obeying the commands of the brain, began to recover.

Injury of the humiliated. It is proved that overweight people are predisposed who, in childhood or adolescence, have experienced the trauma of “humiliation”. Since then, they regularly experience a fear of being in a shameful position or putting others in an awkward situation. Being overweight serves as a kind of protection for them. After all, such people are accustomed to take too much on themselves, not knowing how to say no in time.

The desire to have weight in society. Often a person gains weight because he unconsciously wants to take a prominent place in society, to become a noticeable and significant figure.

What do you think is your psychological reason for weight loss?

Comment below and talk to you soon

Elena Sanina

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