tarot cards - fortune-telling or powerful tool to connect with universe

As a transformation coach, and working with people on the deepest levels of consciousness and psyche, plunging into Clients unconscious areas, I use Tarot cards for these practices.

There are many approaches to understanding the tarot. The whole Tarot system is perceived differently by different people, depending on their current level of acknowledgement - a psychology and philosophy, as a mystic and as a fortunate practice.

The difference in all those approaches in the dispute about the Source of information that we receive from Tarot. Fortune-tellers talk about Spirits. I know and feel that the only source of this information is Client's own subconsciousness or sub-C. This is part of each human being, that is connected with the collective unconscious according to K.G. Jung, or with morpho-genetic field according to R. Sheldrake, or with the Big Soul according to B. Hellinger.

I use Tarot, and Tarot spreads readings that help my Clients live happier and achieve their goals. My whole practice is based on the principle of synchronicity of things, described by V. Pauli (Nobel Prize winner in the field of physics) and K. G. Jung (psychiatrist). This principle can be primitively described as irrational coincidence of accidents, as a result of which the external and internal realities re-conciliate at a Present moment of time.

System and Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the principle of not obvious for our consciousness connection between things and events of our life. Let's say you place the table upside down in a swamp, and ask someone ho observes from above whether the legs of this table are connected. The answer, more likely, will be negative. Four independent poles raising on the top of the smooth duckweed. It is not obvious from the external observer, that there is connecting element hiding beneath the surface - the table-top. And we will be surprised to observe the movement of all table legs, if one is shaken.

Such understanding of the Law of Synchronicity demands from us the expansion of our level of acknowledgement using all available tools and techniques. And besides variety of instruments I use the symbolic language of Tarot cards and the energy that is transmitted through them.

My main objective, when working with Tarot deck is to develop connection between Clint's conscious mind and it's sub-C, thus bringing to balance all energies of person.

In other words, Tarot Deck and the Key is Guide, a Psychologist, a Mentor and a Coach. And I am offering to show you how you can learn Tarot yourself to boost your potential to the level unknown before.

To make things little less complicated to you let me explain you why I believe Tarot is a well organized system, and when you will understand the Principle, you would be able to use Tarot cards effectively yourself.

Majority of fortune tellers, just after reading couple of books here and there, will tell you, that main thing, when you start your journey with Tarot, is to memories the meaning of every single card.

I am telling you, that cards meanings is the last thing that you need to remember, if at all. When you will come to understanding Tarot as a System, you would be able to interpret Taro cards meaning, as you would derive math formulas - nice and easy. And, when you will nail it, you will know that variety of every single card meanings is almost limitless.

How can you read any card?

Shall I start that there are 4 suits, and in general we will meet number 4 (one of favorite numbers of Mr. Jung) very often in Tarot deck - these are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Those suits correspond with 4 Elements: Wands with Fire, Cups with Water, Swords with Air and Pentacles with Earth (Material, Created World).

And what is absolutely amazing that both elements and suits correspond to 4 (again according to Jung) main functions of our human consciousness.

Here we go - Wands (fire) - intuition, Cups (water) - feelings, Swords (air) - thinking (mind, logos, rational), Pentacles (earth) - feeling.

Each subsequent element has characteristics of the previous one, and does not have the characteristics of subsequent elements. Water (feelings, emotions) has properties of intuition, but has no mind. Therefore, it is often said that "love is evil or blind" - hen you are in love your brains are not involved, and so on...

Now let's have a look at Tarot Deck as a Knowledge System, based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. I will now try to explain rather simply what is Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is a system of Sephiroth (such small circles), Circles are connected between themselves by Paths (such arrows). Major Arcana of Tarot Decks represent the Paths of the Tree (arrows), and based on K.G. Jung, represent our Archetypes. And we would be referring to minor Arcana is to Sephiras (such circles), that represent our complexes (again based on my favorite K.G. Jung.

Besides, it is important to mention, that there are 4 Trees of Life, overlaying each other, to be even more correct in each of the Sephira there are 4 Worlds - Atziluth, the realm of the supernal, beyond which is the ain, or no-thing (Wands), Beriah, the creative world, of archetypes and ideals (Chalices), Yetsirah, the world of formation (Swords) and Assiah, manifest creation, the material world (Pentakli).

It is important to know this 4 world concept in order to understand how one or another suit is responsible for the reflection of various spiritual layers of reality. This concept of the four worlds is necessary for recognizing the priorities of a particular suit, reflecting the spiritual layers of reality. Again - this is very primitive description, just to give you some basic understanding, what stands behind understanding and reading Tarot Deck as a system.

In total we will talk about 10 Sephiras - starting with Ace (1) to Ten (10). There is one more invisible Sephira, but you do not need to know about it for a while.

Each of the Sephiras describes various stages of the Creation of the Universe, and each of them has characteristics of one or another planet. It is necessary to understand that Sephiras correspond to planets, but do not equal to them.

The Kabbalistic Myth says that two opposites - white and black were created from the first Sephira - two polarities, male and female. In K.G. Young's theory those polaritis (biners) play central role. That is, the Great Divine was divided in two gaining the features of the Great Father and the Great Mother.

And further down the Tree, the Divine was transformed, taking on features that astrologists "see" in Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and so on.

Magic of numbers can as be seeing in the Sephira. Number 1, representing wholeness, thus all Aces tell about potential opportunities. Number 5, that corresponds to Mars and speaks about destruction and opposition. Similarly we find opportunities and confrontations in Wands, feelings, emotions and love in Cups, mind and intuition in the Swords,

There are three Pillars in the Tree of Life - Judgement, Mildness and Mercy. The left pillar is also called the Pillar of Form, the right pillar the Pillar of Force, and the middle pillar, the Pillar of Consciousness. Understanding on which pillar the Sephira is located, as well as to which “planet” it corresponds, and its numerical value, we can understand Tarot card “energies”.

To give you practical example how it works, let's have a look at the Seven of Swords. Located on Sephira Netzah (Venus) and on the pillar of Mercy, swords represent air, thinking. Seven swords is under the control of the last decade of Aquarius (zodiac sign). The card's regulator (not the Sephira) is Moon. And Pillar of Mercy is responsible for the expansion, waste.

We are not talking about professional astrology now, but we are talking about the qualities given to to Aquarius and Venus by rumor and horoscopes. They are soft, flexible people, not conflicting, giving love, giving themselves to people, and so on. What does that all above mean from the perspective of the Mind (of the Swords)? That such people would agree with anyone and IMMEDIATELY.

So we may see, that people, who have live by the 7 Swords as their Card in majority of cases can be described as those who do not have their own opinion on anything, they are looking for compromise in the most disgusting sense of the word and, like lunatics (the controlling planet is the moon), are ready to follow other people's ideals to avoid quarrels. The tendency towards waste in the sphere of the mind can show person who is easily involved into various sects and denominations or blindly following other people's ideals.

Other description of 7 of Swords is “Vanity" and person who lives according to the Seven of Swords, seeks to comprehend, to collect and reconcile the irreconcilable in terms of the mind. This is the Minor Conjuration in Alchemy. Conformism is a critical form of the action of the Seven of Swords. For such person it is uncomfortable to offend people by rejection, and he agrees with everyone at once. Another key word is immorality. The whole mindset of these people is set up in a way to justify their complexes.

For sure it is close to impossible to keep all this information in the head. Thus, apart from the fundamentals of Kabbalah, the basics of alchemy and some understanding of the Book of the Dead, if you plan to work with Taror you should know the mythologies and their analysis, the meanings of various symbols, various religious systems and doctrines, such as, for example, yoga. And if you do, then the symbols and images on the cards will help to remember its meanings, and will not become just plain descriptions for memorization.

Why did I mention yoga? As when you start studying seemingly different doctrines, you will eventually come to the conclusion that all of them say about same fundamental principles about the Universe and its creation, that, by the way, modern scientists are yet to discover.

So I was mentioning people who live by some card. That means that, whether you like it or not, but we all live captured by a certain Archetype surrounded by set of complexes, whether we know about it or not.

What gives us knowledge about their own complexes (represented by minor Arcana)? Awareness of them. It is absolutely normal to have complexes. And Tarot help me, as coach, to reveal, what are those Complexes and limiting believes, that my client, may be does not acknowledge himself. For example, almost any addiction is reigned by Seven of Cups, and if I see that card, in the descriptive reading for my Client, i will exactly know what questions to ask, and how to help such person.

So, to make long story short, when I do reading for the Client, through linking myself with his/her sub-C by means of Tarot cards I deeply understand current situation as well as potential outcomes. And this is only very tiny thing Tarot can be used for.

All above information may seem to be quite hard to comprehend at first sight (may be even at second), but the more you get into it, the more meaningful it becomes, and you start perceiving Tarot as coherent philosophical system.

But, may you not want to get deep into it, you can always ask for my services.

I want to end this post allowing myself couple thoughts about Tarot and science. More precisely, about the science itself.

Science views the world from its own particular perspective. It is different from metaphysical knowledge. And I truly believe that people who trust only scientific knowledge as the ultimate truth are wrong.

They are wrong because scientific knowledge is being updated constantly. This is what distinguishes science from dogma. But science researches only those events and parts of reality that represent any interest from the point of view of scientific paradigm, as well as those that can be studied and researched using existing methodological apparatus of the modern science.

Does it mean however that there is nothing at all outside of the scientific model of the Universe? Not at all, vice versa, every day they discover something that breaks all existing paradigms. Scientific knowledge is not uniform. One and same matter can be viewed differently from the point of view of a biologist, mathematician, or anthropologist - very often completely different. Sometimes controversial.

It is also true that Science without intuition is nothing. Most prominent inventions were mainly brought by intuitive insights of scientists.

Science is a set of knowledge about the world, at the same time it is flexible, constantly evolving system that includes Ratio and Intuition, and even Faith, for which many of scientists were burnt into the fires of inquisition.

And who knows, may be Tarot system and philosophy will be integral part of future science, as it was, I strongly believe, thousands years ago.

Leave your comments, and you can send me request for private session here.

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