tarot card of the day - January 09, 2019

Dear Tribe, if you part of this community, than, more likely, you do believe that we have deeper purpose being here in this World, than just drinking, eating, sleeping,etc. And since we are all united by something very similar, that is search for our true Purpose, I want to offer Tarot readings for you, that will help you to fine- tune your energies and direct those to the proper flow. So I will be posting card of the day, for all those, who are discovering themselves in my blog - just check it out on daily basis https://elenasanina.wixsite.com/matrixhacker/blog and even though, it looks like this is too generic (one card for thousands), but I know that everyone will pick up something very important personally from those insights.

So card of the Day for January 9th - 2019 is Ace of Wands. Look what it can reflect in your life under cut

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The creative impregnating power of God, pure demiurgy. Unshackled release of energy. The creative masculine power. The initial creative act that is associated with sexual energy, which comes into play whenever we strongly want something and manifests itself in any area of ​​life where a person needs some sort of “gunpowder”.

The Ace of Wands is a symbol of the Universal Tree, the very one on which, according to the Edda, Odin hung "in sacrifice to himself", learning the wisdom of the runes.

A person perceives descending from the Universe ideas, and those ideas are imprinted in his mind. It is a creative power and a divine gift. The origin of the concept, the impetus, the beginning and the attainment of inaccessible before understanding, the emergence of a THEME, a concept, a new idea, a creative thought.

Light and shadow (advice and caution)

The advice is simple: Act fast! Keep your eyes and ears open so that you do not miss the moment. Get the courage and do something that you did not dare before.

The minuses of the Ace of Wands flow from increased energy flow. This is an excessive desire to distance and complete indifference to what is not within the sphere of interests, lack of patience, stubbornly following one’s course, regardless of one’s needs and the needs of others. Stubbornness, pressure. The ability to trust your instincts is good, but still up to a certain limit.

So comment how this Card of the Day will reflect in your daily routine tomorrow.

See you soon,


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