Tarot card of the day - 5 of wands

Dear Tribe, if you part of this community, than, more likely, you do believe that we have deeper purpose being here in this World, than just drinking, eating, sleeping,etc. And since we are all united by something very similar, that is search for our true Purpose, I want to offer Tarot readings for you, that will help you to fine- tune your energies and direct those to the proper flow. So I will be posting card of the day, for all those, who are discovering themselves in my blog - just check it out on daily basis https://elenasanina.wixsite.com/matrixhacker/blog and even though, it looks like this is too generic (one card for thousands), but I know that everyone will pick up something very important personally from those insights.

So card of the Day for January 10th - 2019 is 5 of Wands. Look what it can reflect in your life under cut

The Five of Wands corresponds to the revolutionary renewal after the stability phase, when the system, which was previously in harmony, ceases to function as before. It does not disintegrate into dust - rather, it faces a challenge. The Arcana ideally describes a developmental crisis, for example, the phase of adolescent breaking. This is a typical Arcana of internal growth and internal conflict, when different sides of different levels of development collide in us, snapping evolutionary tails, and the ego at this moment tries to resist. The struggle of various aspirations can cause discomfort, and yet in this Arcana there is a clear creative cleansing energy - for a person who is somewhat stagnant (overgrown), it is simply healing! This is the power of development, the power of motion, destroying some kind of fixation.

According to this Arcana, we combine different paradigms in ourselves.

If Aries includes sources of energy, then Leo carries them outside. The first decade of Leo shows the self-disclosure of the individual. A person, aware of his originality, learns to control himself, saving efforts and developing a strategy of behavior so as not to be led by circumstances. He takes the fate into his own hands - and this decade, according to the European tradition, is ruled by Saturn. But the life goals and the inner truth of one person may not coincide with the intentions and outlook on the lives of other people: excessive individualism and the pursuit only of their goals limit the possibilities of realization and lead to obstacles and conflicts.

Astrologically, Saturn blocks the creative energy of Leo, does not allow him to turn around. This concentrated charge of energy is looking for expressions that sometimes look like a lonely rebellion. Saturn in Leo gives the power to be yourself and go against all, without seeking recognition and refusing it in advance.

Light and shadow (advice and caution)

Tip: "Go Ahead!" Do not turn sour, shy away from the fight and give up your position before the battle begins. Now, more than ever, willpower and certainty of thought are required. It makes sense to accept the challenge and express yourself. You can argue, defend your point of view, turn rivals into allies, fight for your positions, show your abilities, try your hand, without fear of filling a couple of cones and getting to the point with sporting excitement. It will be a good workout, and you will like it. It is necessary to use the accumulated life experience to overcome the vicissitudes of fate and to show perseverance in achieving the intended goal. Do not be afraid of competition, neither in work nor in love - this is a chance to show your best and succeed.

Warning: do not break spears, where not necessary. Beware of rash actions, do not climb on the rampage, do not do "on the argument" and "out of principle." Arcana can serve as an indicator that excessive attention is paid to a particular field of activity. It makes no sense to seek help and advice from others - confrontation is guaranteed.

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