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Dear Tribe, if you part of this community, than, more likely, you do believe that we have deeper purpose being here in this World, than just drinking, eating, sleeping,etc. And since we are all united by something very similar, that is search for our true Purpose, I want to offer Tarot readings for you, that will help you to fine- tune your energies and direct those to the proper flow. So I will be posting card of the day, for all those, who are discovering themselves in my blog - just check it out on daily basis https://elenasanina.wixsite.com/matrixhacker/blog and even though, it looks like this is too generic (one card for thousands), but I know that everyone will pick up something very important personally from those insights.

So card of the Day for January 8th - 2019 is 9 of Pentacles (Coins). Look what it can reflect in your life under cut

Nine of Pentacles is the gateway to the Universal wisdom.

She teaches to bring order to all your affairs, to observe daily discipline, and not to disturb comfort, focus on achievements and well-being, live a stable and honorable personal life, show experience and prudence in solving life problems, take care of wealth, stability and security .

Another frequently occurring insight of the card is the ability to quickly wrap any good moment to your advantage. There is also the meaning of excitement and chance - a chance, luck, a win, a pleasant surprise.

The card is a signifier of gifts, good and valuable things, to the questioner, as well as inheritance.

However on deeper level, that Tarot cards are actually here for, 9 of Pentacles not only shows prosperity in 3 dimensional reality, but also the liberation of the spirit from the limiting material framework - simply because you can no longer worry about them. A gradual departure from the sphere of purely material interests is revealed with special force in Nine. This Aracana corresponds to amazing and valuable discoveries.

Nine Pentacles means a positive self-discovery process that is growing and has huge potential for such growth. You yourself chosen this path of development, and now you may ask yourself: was the choice correct?

Advice of Arcana: concentrate on solving problems one step at a time in a skillful and disciplined way, bringing strength and beauty to life. Cultivate grooming, stability, safety and well-being. Make a healthy choice and live in such a way that nothing would stop you from rejoicing and will lead to no doubts. Solve any issues as they come.

The trap of Arcana: it is dangerous to step aside from Life Goad just due to the fear of losing "convenience", abandon development for the sake of greenhouse conditions, do not choose to sit down in a "golden cage".

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