Rule of 3 Signals - Lessons from the Universe

I was already discussing with you, that problems do not come to our life from nowhere. Each problem and issue in our Life has some lesson for us to discover. And besides, there is certain pattern in all of those misfortunes that happen to us.

So how we get those signals and what is that Rule of 3 signals about? That's what I want to talk about in today;s post.

How does the rule of three signals work?

Universe speaks with us in many ways. One of which is signals. You will often hear about the Rule of 3 signals - who mentioned this first is not known, but seems that this rule is always working.

Before something serious should happen in your life, ringing alarms of Universe are ringing - those are signals.

If you go not follow your Path, that you've chosen before the incarnation on Earth, the Universe will tell you about it, sending those 3 signals.

Signal 1 is usually very weak, not that much significant for you, that you may not even notice it. Majority of people usually miss 1st signal, and they would be able to acknowledge that it was their only after they stat analysis of past.

So, you missed it. Than Universe sends you the second one. This one is usually much stringer, it puts you in the situation, that you have to analyse and get over it. If you believe that you are for a Reason here on Earth, you would, more likely understand, that this is A Signal. But, some people manage to miss this one as well. Than 3rd Bell rings. Universe will try to really shake you and direct you to the right Path.

So if you are currently in a tough situation, rewind the events of your life back and determine what was you second or may be even first signal and why they are there. Once you will start noticing those signal, not only your Life will become better, but you would be able to see those hints of the Universe. It will come with practice, you will learn how seemingly different situations, actually have same origin.

Life Story

One of my clients, let's call her Alexa, not too much self-confident person. She is always looking for love and approval form other people. Her first signal was when her husband told her: "Nobody cares about you but for me, thus you should hold on to me only." She was not too happy to hear that, as it made her feel quite miserable, but she swallowed the pill, and they already ad common kids, so she started feeling that she really needs to hold on to him. Even more, somewhere deep inside she felt that if he said that, he needs her. Time passed by and she receives signal #2 - her husband humiliated her in public, on one of the parties he started criticizing her style in front of their friends, saying, that she does not know how to take care of herself. After this party, those woman, ho were there even said to her, that she should have more respect to herself, and not to live with such person. Alexa was ashamed and humiliated again, but did nothing to change her life. She came to me for coaching, only after situation got worse - it came to assault - and that was 3rd signal. Would she ignore that as well, who knows how would things turn out. Through her husband Universe was trying to tech Alexa how to start respecting and loving herself. Alexa made her choice. Unfortunately, there are lots of people, who ignore signals of the Universe and if so, this rule of 3 signals continues to work for them constantly, until they decide to go the other way.

When someone accepts the role of the victim and starts translating this to people around, such person repels his success, love and happiness.

When Universe starts signaling you?

1. You promised yourself to change something in your life.

When you make a loud statement, declaring something. Let's say, that you have back-pain and you declare: "From tomorrow - I'm going to Gym!", Universe begins to check you. Three times you are asked the question: "Are you sure you will do this?", tossing the situation where you face the challenge of going or not going there.

If you have failed, the old situation returns, and you will have even more back-pain. If you pass the test three times, you switch to a new state of being.

2. You are engaged in self-transformation exercises

You declare: "I am no more living life of poverty, illness and loneliness, etc.

After that, you meet three challenges. If you overcome those, and will act in accordance with the new paradigm, challenges cease.

Very often those people, who provoke you, change or vanish from your life if you manage to stand three times. You literally will quantum jump from one reality to another.

If you do not pass any one test, then you will be tested again. Therefore, learn to pass it from the first time.

3. You go the wrong way

May be you already started changes in your life, and you think that you are developing spiritually, but at some point something makes you turn off the right path. May be you just got confused or distracted in your search and development and do not realize it yourself.

To get you back on track, the rule of three signals comes into play. It may look like this - you are working on yourself, and reading spiritual and self-developing books. Not only you read those, but you are trying to implement described principles in your life, but yet you have feeling of discomfort. You do not feel happy at all. Than some unpleasant events occur in your life that knock you out of the favorable rhythm of life.

Those are signal, saying you that whether the path you've chosen or methods you are using are not right to you.

Testing at different levels

Sometimes you can pass the test of the Universe from the first attempt. It all depends on how much you are attentive to the signals of the universe.

However sometime, even after passing the test, you still have some verification exams. It would depend upon the importance of the Life Lesson, that you are learning currently.

Let's say you need to cross the river - the level of complexity would be different if you need to do it in nice weather or during a storm.

Saying "no" to a stranger, or to deny your beloved mother, who is used that you always obeyed her - these are different situations, right?

How to help you dear once to notice these signals

It is easier to recognize signal in the lives of others, than in your personal life. So if you would see such signals in the life of those people you care about, help them recognize it as well, well before they will get the 3rd one. It may not be an easy task to do, as people are usually not willing to listen to advise from outside, even from close people. So to help you with this below are some recommendations:

1. Never give your advise if you are in conflict with that person. Your intention to help would be much more appreciated if there is no tension between you and the other person.

2. Phrase your words neutrally, do not teach.

3. Do not set the expectation that people should do what you want.

4. Have patience and wait until the person is ready to hear exactly this piece of information.

If you have good intentions, there will definitely be a time and occasion to express your vision of the situation and to help.

When your life is full of such signals, then it's time to think about where your can end up, if you will not do anything.

It's time to stop this thread of trouble!

And those who can notice signals of the universe, please share in the comments how this helps you to change your life for better!

See you soon.


Elena Sanina

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