Review of just received and already read through twice - eSCAPE by Anik Singal

Book that made my day!

My blog is not about business, sales, marketing or e-commerce. It is mainly devoted to transformation, brain power and those practices and techniques that help thousands of people change their lives. And yet, I want to give review to the book that really helped me to have absolutely different look to my consulting and coaching services, and dramatically changed my life. So I just can not keep it just for me only, and want to share with every reader of my Blog, so that they would benefit from the book itself.

Here it is - nice, shiny cover and smiling face of Anik, who is always so empowering and encouraging.

Was really exited to receive my hard-copy of the book, but even before I got it, I was granted access to e-copy of the book, and, guys, I read it overnight. Than again, and now I am reading it again.

Anik said, that he wants this book to be all read over and all cross marked - Anik, trust me, at least with my copy you will see that.

So let's talk little bit about book itself. Did I read about anything that I did not know before in eSCAPe? Absolutely now.

Did I learn something new? Billion times YES! Even though Anik speaks about things that we all, who run personal businesses know about or heard about, the way he presents it, the way he touches your pain points and the way he lit your self-motivation are absolutely fantastic.

Who is this book for? This book is for any entrepreneur who is ready to get his/her shit together and ready to start earning good money. It will become your road-map to success and financial freedom, but keep in mind, that you have to be ready for that and you need to allow these money into your life.

Think about it for a second.

When you will hit you 6 figure income, you will lose 90% of your current friends. Yes, it will happen.

When you will have money you will start spoiling your loved one by buying them very luxurious gifts - they may be not ready for that.

When you will know how to implement any of your ideas, including profit generating ideas in a nice and easy way, average people would more likely not understand you, or would not trust you.

When you will become really free, wealthy person, leaving the life you want, lots of your old friends will become jealous and you would stop meeting with them.

When you will earn 10...30...50 times more than what you have now, many people would start hating you.

Your whole life would dramatically change. Old friends are leaving. Old relationship crash. But yes - you will be independent, rich and free. You would live the abundant and fulfilled life. You would know how to dare and achieve and you will become happy!

The thing is - that for many ordinary people the price of the happiness seems to be too high, and they are manically scared to leave their comfort bubble. They would rather hate you and be jealous form inside of it.

Tell me - are you one of those?

If not, than eSCAPe is definitely for you. It will absolutely put you on track and bring you for freedom and happiness fast. Yes you would need to work on yourself and your whole life, and work hard, but ultimately real miracle will happen with you and your life. How do I know? Because it happened to me. Thank you Anik for that.

Anik himself subtitles eSCAPe as - the four stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but in fact he uncovers much more than 4 stages and in good amount of details. He gives his vie on who is entrepreneur and why lots of them fail, he share genuinely his own success and failures stories, he looks at the differences between entrepreneur and the employee and finally provides you with eSCAPe plan.

Are you ready?

Than check links to Anik's FB page and here is link where you can order your own copy of this great book. And I am not affiliating this book:) He even is not aare that i am doing this review, but I Just want everyone who feels this entrepreneur spirit inside to get connected with Anik and read this book.

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