physical evidences of quantum jump to new reality

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

How to know if the Jump happened? Do we jump at all, or just can meditate to meet your teen self and bring his/her advise and knowledge to existing reality? and the answer is "yes", absolutely we can jump physically, and a lot of us for below signals, that usually happen first 3-5 days after quantum jump to new reality

While moving to new reality, various effects are possible. Below is a list of quite a few of these signs.

1. Time games.

Our clock show different time - while in your car it may be 1:05, it can be 12:55 on your microwave and 1:10 on your wall clack. Time is subjectively compressed or stretched.

The past is changing (both the traveler and the world around him).

2. Space games.

Real physical objects of your Reality appear or disappear. You may know that there was a small store on your way to job, and today it is not there. You might think that it is demolished, but when you decide to get off car and ask people near, they tell you that there were no store there....never

3. Historical events.

Famous people, technologies appear or disappear.

Possible repetition of events from the past. Possible "copy" of his past events with other people. It may happen that i.e you are at the party, and everything is exactly same as party that you've being at in your previous Reality, but the hosts are different. All depends how far you jumped....

4. Personality game

Changing appearance of the Quantum Jumper (QJ), of his character, habits, thinking.

The same happens with his friends and acquaintances.

The energy and vibes of QJ is changing - magic programs appear or disappear in new Reality.

Possible drowsiness, fatigue, depression within two weeks / month after the transition.

Tinnitus (pressure drop) is possible during the transition.

5. The effects of relationships.

Friends, contacts, acquaintances appear or disappear.

The form of communication and interaction between people is changing

Sometimes a new reality is so far from the original, that Jump happens occurs not at once, but in "jerks". In this case, for some time (usually in a month or two), you will experience signs of transition again. Sometimes they are accompanied by sudden severe sleepiness, which you cannot overcome. Feel free to go to bed - another movement will occur in a dream.

And have fun!

With love,

Elena Sanina

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