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Dear friends, I want to talk with you now about one of the wrongest beliefs of humanity, to my mind. And I feel that all that I would say below is very important for anyone reading, as this knowledge can radically change your future.

So majority of people unconsciously live in the Model of the World, where I exist separately from my surrounding. My Universe, my husband, my kids, my job - they all exist independently. All rules and laws of the Universe they are out of me. And there is always some sort of a mess in this independent outer world - something somehow goes wrong, somebody does not respect me, someone fines me for parking, someone manipulates me - and I am now looking only at those situations that happen around my life. And here I am - small particle of the Universe, so small in this surrounding chaos, that can not change anything, so small that even can not fight for the right to be happy. And the more I work with people, the more I see that majority of people follow this model of life.

Now I want to take to my discovery of what World really is, not only I made this personal WOW-disclosure, but lots of my clients confirmed this by their results.

Imagine, that each of you live inside of the sphere with mirror-reflecting cover from inside. Inside of this sphere is my consciousness and its blind zone - subconsciousness. And it is my consciousness is the only source of everything that I observe and that is happening to me. Every person in my life, which his/.her attitude towards me, every situation and event, that happens in my life - these all is just a mirror reflection of what my subconsciousness is filled with, namely my subconsciousness believes, feelings and desires.

The reason for all is inside me. No one has any power over me, every person is just a marionette-doll in my game, and has to reflect my certain believes, emotions and feelings in accordance to the situation. Are you following me?

People are get offended at me only when I subconsciously feel myself guilty. I am underestimated only when I subconsciously feel myself not worthy. I am not paid enough at my job, only if I subconsciously feel myself not professional, non competent. Amount of money in my life, quality of my relationship, condition of my health, look of my body - everything starts from me.

All my life is just the projection of my consciousness and subconscious dialogue with myself through outer world, and in some mysterious way, this outer world knows about my true thoughts, feelings and desires and just reflects those on me.

That being said means that I can change namely any situation in my life, not matter how difficult it is, but only provided that I can change my own consciousness, when I change those things inside the mirror sphere.

The reflection in the mirror changes instantly as soon as I change my consciousness. nevertheless all our life moves in running the circle, focusing on those wrong reflections and fighting them.

Just think about it - all out life we try to change and make-up the mirror, instead of our real face. All our life we fight the consequence instead of real reason. And the reason is our consciousness.

And now - one more thing. You do not need any outer actions in order to change your consciousness.

There is no need in money, in connections, no need to run anywhere and prove anything to anyone, no need to achieve anything...You only need to stop and realize that there is whole world inside each one of you, that projects, mirrors and shapes into outer world.

Think about it...

It is hardly anytime that you looked into this internal subconsciousness, so now, may you want to solve all your problems and to become really happy, it is high time to sneak into it, time to study yourself and to make an order into your inner world, time to get rid of all negativity, that reflects as outer life problems and stops us from getting what we ant in this life.

And the Creator of all Universe is in this very dot in the middle of the sphere, He is in the consciousness of each and everyone of us. This model is so true. On the macro level we are all united, as communicating vesicles, and this proved to be true by my life and coaching practice.

As soon as I start feeling guilty in one or another aspect, automatically the person I felt guilty for stops blaming me, In my life everything starts from me. In your life everything starts from you.

Possibly you study esoteric for some years, you respect High Power and wait till It will end up your life lessons and will send you happy life. But time goes by and this is not happening. Possibly you are tired of all those spiritual practices, that did not solve your problems in relationship, did not increase your income, did not help you to find your life goal and you are just lie to yourself that you are happy. Or, may be, you are on the self-development path - setting up clear SMART goals, overcoming obstacles, time managing but yet not achieving the result and may be you kind of start thinking may be there is something wrong, something is not working.....

And that all happens as deep inside, subconsciously, you live in this habitual model, where everything exists outside of you, and you keep running and running in circles.

So, let's compare the common model of the world to the one that i suggest you to look at. Do you still feel yourself small particle in the huge universe? But in fact you are the source of everything, the only source of all that you observe, creator and author of your life, the divine and unlimited consciousness, that creates and was always creating your universe.

And from this all-mightiness and instant materialization we are separated by multiple blocks in the consciousness, that luckily can be gradually eliminated.

Whether you realize it or not, whether you agree with me or not, you are the only Creator of your world, the thing is that majority of us live on auto pilot and create subconsciously.

People around us can not have their personal opinion in regards of you, as they are, same as myself, same as any life situation, are mirror projections of your subconsciousness opinion about yourself and your own abilities, about all aspects of your life and your most hidden fears and desires.

And all you need to do is to acknowledge this and to change your consciousness. Now I trapped you. No that you know how this world is arranged you have only 2 choices.

Choice #1 - Go on, keep living your live and forget about everything you've just read. Carry on your current model of the world, keep running the circle, and fight the mirror, trying to change it. But you so got used to this path - full of pain and suffering. May you select this one you will now consciously steal from your own life.

Choice #2 - stop for a while and think how to change the real reason of everything happening in your life, namely your own consciousness. Realize that you are not small particle of the Universe, but you are almighty powerful consciousness in human body, that was always creating and that keeps creating the reality. You are the reality.

And once you will realize this amazing fact, look inside and ask yourself - Listen, may be Elena is right and may be I am not what I was thinking about myself for so many years? How can it be that I was so underestimating myself? Can I really get rid of all those barriers and limiting believes and can my life magically change? Can I really feel so almighty that I can manifest anything I want as I am the only source of everything? ....take a deep breath and listen to the voice of your subconsciousness, it always answers if asked.

It is your choice, guys and I only wish you lucky changes and right choices.


Elena Sanina

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