No more room for extra pounds

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Our body is the most amazing and perfect creation. Although it is material and exists on the physical level, but just like consciousness, it is governed by the laws of the Universe. Just as you can carry out the rejuvenation of the body, using positive thinking, you can also lose weight by the power of thought, to make a radical change in appearance for the better. You need to start with the statement in your mind of the thought that you accept your body the way it is now.

The desire to lose weight, lose extra pounds with the help of diets and various methods leads to the fact that the body refuses to perform some of its functions. Embodying the dream of an ideal figure, we deny our body, and it takes revenge on us the appearance of disease. But it is the body that reflects on the physical level the processes occurring in our soul. Through the body, the soul sends us a kind of message, and it is positive or negative, we can judge by the problems with the body.

When a person acquires positive thinking, he has the opportunity not only to rejuvenate the body, but also to cure himself of all diseases. So, for example, the belief that life is hard, makes your back, shoulders and neck bend, the gait becomes shuffling, osteochondrosis appears, legs drag along the ground. All this can be cured, if you change life beliefs for the better.

Body fat is a sign that you need protection from the outside world. To make the dream of a slim body come to life, you first need to think about what and where you have to defend yourself. In addition, the body needs to be given food, stress, care and rest, you need to listen to your body and respond to its needs. Positive thinking is the builder of our body, and here the laws of the universe also play a role. With their help, it is possible at the subconscious level to make the body perfect inside and out

So I am super-exited to hear in comments about your first result, and if you are looking for complete life transformation, if you are ready to start living life fulfilled with wealth, joy, abundance and love, check my Program Quantum Jump – Hacking the Matrix.

Love and see you soon in my new posts.


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