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It may sound challenging, that you can change the way you look, and that you can get, in fact, any look you want without slaving yourself to plastic surgeries and fitness centers. You only need to nail-polish one method - that is Method of Quantum Transformation. Everyone who really wants to do this - check my unique Program Quantum Jump – Hacking the Matrix. And read below to find out what you need to do to start the rejuvenation and look change process. So let’s dig into the details ...

Almost everyone has their own so called “dark spots” in appearance, which make you feel unhappy from time to time. Perhaps you are not happy with the shape of your nose, or lips, or maybe your pimples is what's bothering you, there are some people who would like to get rid of the childhood scars, not to mention sagging skin, bulging stomach, extra weight and other flaws ...And if you are not one of those, and are absolutely happy with the way you look – just move on to any of my next post, this one will give you no value. But, if at least from time to time you want to change some aspect of your appearance, then you’ll get some nice tricks from me.

First of all, let me reveal one little secret to you - in 90% of the cases others do not pay attention to your shortcoming. But I know as well that it still brings you discomfort.

So how can we change it? There are 2 ways!

The first is to go the plastic surgeon or cosmetologist. Pros - quite a quick effect. Cons - the price, painful procedures, not always desired result after the procedures.

But there is another way! This is a quantum transformation method!

So how can you change the way you look at the quantum level?

We talk about it in details in Program Quantum Jump – Hacking the Matrix, but for the time being I will briefly describe the pros and cons of this method.

Cons - there would be just couple that I can recall. It is a fairly long process - about a month or two (but everything is individual) + you must make some efforts - you would need to practice every day, and that's where many fails. Sorry to say, but not a lot of people are ready to really work on themselves. However, since you are reading this Post, I am confident that you are not one of those.

Pros - oh, my. You name it! Change happens naturally, painlessly, you do not need to spend your money on regular basis on maintaining the achieved results or on re-doing what did not go well. But that is not all!

With the help of appearance transformation techniques, you can change absolutely any parts of your body and prolong your life, but not in a decrepit and decaying body, but in a body that is young, healthy and beautiful.

Without any surgeries! Sound as a magic? Call it Quantum Magic - if you wish, but this is just our own efforts to unveil the hidden power of our mind. Beautiful and well functioning body is now available to everyone with little to no effort (all you need is little time and consistency in your mental efforts).

Why is this possible?

Our physical body, at the deepest level, is a quantum matrix, something analogous to the energy grid. This framework is not dense or material in the sense in which we are accustomed to think about it. A hologram of a stream of electron oscillations, perceived by us as a matter, can be transformed with the help of mental impulses or direct mental impact. Just think about this for a second – try to comprehend full and complete meaning of this fact – it literally means, that power of your mind, can change absolutely anything.

In other words, your physical body is not a dense, immutable matter, but only a program recorded in your subconscious. And you can change your body just with the power of your mind. But for those, who are not easy believers and have very active minds, to start with I suggest using some additional tools. The one of many I really like to use with my Clients is regular mirror, and now I will share with you first steps you can try yourself on the way to your perfect self.

Some people know about the mysteries of mirrors and that mirrors are often used during divination and magic actions, but not everyone knows that with the help of a mirror you can change the appearance and look younger! How to make your own ‘magic’ mirror and use it, you will learn right now!

Magic mirrors are present in almost all fairy tales and legends. Do you really think this is fact of mankind’s imagination or tribute to wide-used tool of the past?

Since our thoughts create our reality, every day, looking in the mirror and presenting yourself in a new image, you will gradually change and adapt to it. Working with a mirror not only can change your appearance, it is very recommended in increasing your self esteem and will help you to accept and love yourself.

So, what do you need to start this new transformation? It would be much preferred, that for your own practices you will get new mirror, that would be medium size, so that you would be able to clearly see your upper part of the body. When you will bring mirror from the store, you need to clean it and to charge it with the energy of pure love and acceptance. (if you have no opportunity to get new mirror, you still can use the one you already have in your home, but you would need to clean it and charge every time, when you would be working with it.

Now you need to set up good amount of time, that you will not be distracted, and preferably be all by yourself. You do not take kids and husband with you, when you go to spa-salon, right. Same is true here – you need to be focused on what you are doing. Turn off the phone, and make sure, that you will not have guests interrupting your practice. Now, you can follow step-by-step instruction, provided below, and would you have enough patience I would be exited to hear about your fascinating results.

1. Stand in front of the mirror being fully nude and critical look at the body, noticing all the flaws. Agree with what you see, accept it. Say to yourself: Yes, this is the way, I look, and I fully accept it. Only I am 100% responsible that I look this way. I have chosen this look, and I have power to change it. Now think about features that you want to change. Vividly imagine exactly how you want to look.

2. At the same time, start feeling that this image in the mirror is no longer yours. This is the past, your past.

3. Then refocus your gaze. Looking in the mirror, imagine how your image becomes blurry and muddy and gradually disappears in the depths of the mirror. With practice, you would be able to de-focus your sight in matter of several seconds, but when you will be doing it for the first time, you might need anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for that.

4. As soon, as your old image disappears in the mirror, imagine that a new reflection appears there, and that new image of you should have all the desired changes reflected. Imagine a beautiful hairstyle, pick up makeup. Dress the image in beautiful linen, clothes. Imagine how the space around you is painted in harmonious colors that highlight your beauty. Imagine the taste, smell and color of your beauty, the brighter feelings you experience, the faster this image will be accepted by the subconscious and translated into your reality.

5. Now start seeing life-movie in the mirror – see how people around you are reacting for your new look, how they are asking recipe of your transformation. Think about what you would advise them.

6. Hold on in those meditative thoughts. Fix on this new image of yourself, admire it. You should see this new picture of your new self brightly and clearly, like you are watching movie on TV. It will be hard at the beginning, but the more you would practice, the easier it will get.

7. Now look into your eyes in the mirror reflection and say loudly: “I love you! You are beautiful, you are beautiful! ² You are unique! You are the very perfection of love! ” You can say other similar phrases; the main thing is to do it with absolute conviction and faith.

8. Then draw clockwise four phases of the moon in the corners of the mirror. The lunar cycles strongly influence people, especially women. With these actions you will close your beauty and energy according to the lunar cycle.

With the help of a magic mirror, you can change your inner state!

In addition to appearance, you can represent the new qualities, behavior, and internal changes you need. In the absence of a mirror, you can do this practice mentally!


The above exercise should be done daily in the morning and evening, the subconscious should believe in new, desirable changes for you, connect with a new way and get used to your new qualities.

How long should you practice this technique?

After a month of such self-programming ³ you will notice the first results. Do not give up the practice until your internal and external state matches the desired image and people around you admit changes. Depending what is your desired change and how much time you practice through the day time, when you will see first results will vary. For example if you want to get rid of some skin defects and you practice daily, you might be able to see scars getting smaller and disappearing after one month of daily practices, however if you want to change your eye-color from deep brown to blue you might need more time, just due to the fact that for our sub-consciousness it would be harder to believe that eye -color is changeable.

So I am super-exited to hear in comments about your first result, and if you are looking for complete life transformation, if you are ready to start living life fulfilled with wealth, joy, abundance and love, check my Program Quantum Jump – Hacking the Matrix

Love and see you soon in my new posts.


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