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Tarot Card as powerful tool for transformation coaches

Nowadays we see very positive change in Tarot cards application, Tarot ceased to be a tool for fortune-tellers only - they are used in coaching and psychotherapy practice to reach the client’s subconscious. In this post I want to look into how can coaching and consulting practice be combined with this seemingly mystic instrument and why Tarot Cards are not mistaken.

Let's have closer look at this matter.

I started introducing Tarot into my coaching and consulting practice about a year ago. And at first I was very hesitant to offer this to my Clients. But, knowing how powerful Tarot cards are, and practicing them in my own life for more than 2 decades, I could not resist, as I saw multiple potential benefits in such invention into my practice. "After the coaching session with Tarot spread I saw clear picture of what is happening in my life and what shall I focus on next" - this is what one of my Clients told me. She is very rational, self-oriented person, working in bank. She said that she would never consider approaching Tarot reader, and was very skeptical, when I first offered her Tarot reading as part of our session. I heard pretty much same thing from another friend and client of mine, a successful lawyer — he makes any hard decisions quickly when it is related to his job, but for about two years he could not decide whether to continue relations with the person he lives. A few sessions helped him to find a long-awaited and very unexpected answer.

So eventually I overcame my personal fear, and now I do offer Tarot reading to all of my clients. And here I want to talk more about Tarot and how I use them, so that all potential clients, would have no doubts whatsoever.

What is in Tarot cards for me?

They discipline the mind, help to understand the feelings - my own and those of my clients, they develop an intuition and teach how to foresee potential outcomes of one or other situations and what is most important they teach you to listen and to hear yourself.

There are multiple theories of Tarot origin, and the one I personally believe is that this system is several thousand years old. Cards in the Tarot deck called “Arcana” - from the French les arcanes, “sacraments”. They are surrounded by an huge amount of legends, and there's lots of research, both occult and scientific, dedicated to each Arcana of Tarot.

So based on the theory, that I like ancient Egyptian priests received knowledge about the Laws of the Universe from ancient civilizations, and they encrypted this message on 78 golden plates (there are 78 cards in the tarot deck), which miraculously survived the fire in the Alexandrian Library, and later were transformed to Tarot cards. There is lot of symbolism depicted in each of Arcana - depending upon the deck you will discover masonic symbols, ancient Babylonian, alchemist, astrological, and even Christian images (four evangelists are depicted on the Peace Arcana).

Since the Renaissance era Tarot has been considered a powerful magic tool. In the 19th century, French occultist Eliphas Levi called them "the sum of all sciences and the key to answering all the questions," and Russian philosopher Peter Uspensky said that "Tarot in relation to metaphysics and mysticism is the same thing as the decimal system is relation to math. "

Now Tarot is commonly used by those transformation coaches and therapists who follow basic principles of K. G. Jung theory.

The founder of analytical psychology, Karl Gustav Jung, suggested that Tarot Arcana represent basic archetypes - collective images reflecting a collective human experience.

So when we look closer at the images of 22 major Tarot Arcana we obviously see archetype psychological roles that we need to learn how to control in order to become much happier and successful in our life.

The first seven major Arcana - The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers and The Chariot represent our personal growth; next 7 in line - The Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, and The Hanged Man - are responsible for our social life and career and the last part - The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, The World and show deeper level of our personal development, our spiritual growth.

The remaining 56 cards of minor Arcana represent various psycho-types. And it comes in line with the socionics - the doctrine of psychological compatibility and how we perceive and process information about the world. So in minor Arcana we find 16 psycho-types that Tarot knows as the royal court (16 cards of minor Arcana — kings, queens, knights and pages — four in each of the four suits). Each suit stands for one of the four elements: earth, air, water and fire, and respectfully for four types of temperament. The suit of scepters ( or wands) is the element of fire and represents choleric. The suit of coins (or pentacles or denarii) is the element of earth and stands for phlegmatic. The suit of swords is the element of air and reflects sanguine. And last, but not least is the suit of the cups is the element of Water and stands for melancholic.

So using Tarot cards and spreading the deck with minor Arcana I can explains your current situation in the context of the interaction of these energies or those forces that symbolize the images on the 22 Major Arcana. And the accuracy of session (as, by the way, the result of any other type of coaching or psychotherapy) depends on how precise was client with question as well as how sincere he/she was. Only your true desire to understand the situation and change something in your life will open me access to your sub-C and to the Universal Bank of knowledge.

So when you ask specific and really important question for you, your sub-C already knows the answer or possible answers. And me, doing Tarot spread for you, only help you to indicate some landmarks, some red-flags on the relay of events and help you to see the situation very clear.

New Look on Tarot readings

So how my session with Tarot therapy looks like? I will ask you what specific question brought you to me, and than I will offer you to have a look at one of the Major Arcana, depending on your situation. After this I will ask you to close your eyes and to describe me what you see on that Tarot card that you selected. During that descriptive process, I will be guiding you, asking some probing questions, if needed.

For example, something bothers you in the relationships with your partner - I will offer you to meditate on the Arcana The High Priestess - this archetype symbolizes the basic confidence in the world, flexibility, the ability to empathize and intuition or the Empress - representing the birth of the new, fertility, joy and fullness of life. If you feel that you are lacking of energy or need a new impulse in your career, we might focus on a Magician - representing activity, initiative, setting goals and achieving them or the Emperor who stands for the implementation of ideas, intentions, perseverance and, may be on the High Priest that helps in finding the essence of the situation and the way, and so on depending on the specific situation. Then, together me you will interpret the story that your subconscious told you (although the answers to most of the questions most often come in the process of immersion in the image, so nothing needs to be explained later). In any case, you will definitely find out about yourself a lot of new things and open up opportunities that you have never suspected before.

Tarot healing or new sub-C anti-virus program

All those messages of the Tarot they already exist in the deeper layers of your subconscious. Those images on Arcana are harmonizing and healing. In our daily life facing difficult situation it is so often that we make wrong decisions, reacting the pre-set way, as throughout our childhood, youth and even older years, we absorbed the behaviors of various important people around us and unconsciously charged ourselves to meet other people's thoughts, standards and emotions. And such model of Life creates stress on the ongoing basis and, like computer viruses, gradually distorts our internal "operating system". All Tarot Arcana are not static images, but dynamic behaviors, call it antivirus program if you wish, that helps everyone to reach high level of integrity and happiness. Tarot therapy is an eco-friendly and creative process. Alive images of Tarot cards causes mild but irreversible positive changes, clearing our subconscious from “emotional slags” - injuries of the childhood, ineffective life scenarios, sensory deprivation, inability to express our feelings, you name it.

How do tarot know the future?

Divination of Tarot cards from the point of view of Jungian analysis is the ability of the psyche to connect to the collective unconscious. And this is not only to archetypes, but also a database of variety of variant of our destinies. Everything in life does not happen by chance: any event in our life is the sum of our previous experience, which also overlaps with the experiences of others. So we actually do have many resources to influence our future and future dated situations of our lives. Through Tarot cards I simply connect to the stream of information that your sub-C provides me. If you wish, you can learn how to do it yourself by developing your intuition, reading the signals and signs that Universe sends us.

I invite you to experience this unique world of Tarot divination yourself.

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