Lessons of Life. School for our Soul

if you do not believe in incarnation theory, all below would not make any sense to you, so you can easily skip this article. But is you know that we visit this home, named Earth more than once, I invite you to discuss very interesting area.

Before incarnation on Earth in human body, our soul chooses what it will learn in this life. And our Soul writes thousands of scenarios.

I compare this to computer game. When a programmer writes it, he comes up with a bunch of options for every step of game, so that would change depending on the Gamer's move. But almost in every Scenario wherever the hero goes, there is continuation everywhere. All options are calculated in advance.

Life is also kind of game. Every single movement of our life we all are faced with a choice: to marry or to stay single, to have an abortion or to give birth to a child, to stay in your hometown or go to another country for permanent residence.

These are hundreds of thousands of options. And whatever you select depends only on you. And before coming to Earth, our Soul sets fantastic Scenario with only few key Milestones - key events or decisions that unfold a certain scenario for the passing of a life lesson, with multiple variants of micro-scenarios in between those Milestones. There are not too many such Life-changing events in the life of any being, and if you will look into your past, more likely you would be able to recall few.

Is Everything predefined or key points can be changed?

It is not an easy thing to believe that both predestination and possibility of free choice can coexist.

I really like how Steve Rother in his fantastic book "Spiritual Psychology: The Twelve Primary Life Lessons" speaks about this - " On the planet of free choice there is always predisposition but there is no predetermination ". And only small part of our life events, if at all occur by pure chance, majority of those are finely tuned by our Higher Self, to help our Soul to learn the life lesson.

Let's look at one simple scenario: Life lesson of One Soul - "To be responsible for its own life". So this Soul comes into the World to learn how to find its place in life, how to provide for itself without help from parents, or loved ones. And Soul has multiple options on how to learn this lesson - namely it can be betrayed by loved one or even can face death of all relatives. And then, when this person remains alone, she/he realizes that has no one to count on. Then this Person begins to develop the courage to live by himself. In this Scenario, a series of misfortunes are key milestones. And even though these events seem not to be under person's control, yet they were created by his soul.

And even in this Scenario the person has a choice - to find strength and get out of this pit or to drop down his hands and complain about life, and the second option is also a free choice.

I signed the Contract

Sometimes different Souls sign a kind of Contract to help each other in their Life Lessons. When the time for one or another lesson comes, you will necessarily meet the right person. But what if you went opposite direction and did not meet such person on your way? Be assured, when you will be ready for your Lesson, you will still meet. I am pretty sure, that at least once in your life you had this feeling that when you met an absolute stranger you felt that you met with this person before. And yet, before coming to Earth, in order not to miss each other such Contracted Souls make an Agreement on how they would recognize each other - it can be smile, voice, smell, you name it, something that you will 100% pay your attention to, and that's how you will feel that you knew this person before. It is because you signed Contract with that Soul. And if you are not yet ready for this Life Lesson, you may go away. This can be your own decision or unconscious behavior. But, if this Life Lesson is very critical to you, you still will be faced with necessity of learning it in one or another form.

How to know that you are going through Life Lesson?

It is often said that our whole life is a lesson. I would disagree with this statement to some extend, We do have breaks once in a while. But if we do have breaks, how than do I know that I go through Lesson currently. One of the most common characteristics of Life Lesson is series of recurring events, which are often referred as "keys", event that have something very similar with one another. It may be that every partner you have betrays you, or may be every manager at your job is not fair to you, or may be you have same car incident several times in a row. Sometimes people may have same names, or events can take place at the same day of the months, or with same frequency - something that will help you to start thinking, that this is not just a simple coincidence.

And if you are going through the Main Lesson of your Life, you may have more than one "key" - think of those recurring situations and find the "keys", they will help you to understand, what life lesson you are going through now, or went through in past.

Why would my Soul Contract for misfortunes and how to avoid them?

It does not matter for the Soul how fast It will learn the Lesson - during one life or during several lives.

There, where Soul comes from, is no time in our Earthy understanding, and time does not matter, as everything exists here and now. I would speculate, that originally Soul selects Positive Life Story, but in case if for the duration of several incarnation, this Positive Life does not allow Soul to learn Life lesson, than It goes in favor of negative experience. And if your life is full of misfortunes, failures and suffering I would suggest that your soul is trying to figure something out.

And if you want to stop this vicious circle, learn to listen to the signs of the Universe. Keep in mind that no negative event happens suddenly, it is always preceded by softer signals, and you can learn how to notice them, in order to minimize the trouble in your life, read the Rule of Three Signals in my next article.

Trust me, when you will eventually realize what your lesson is, you will discover gifts and opportunities that will completely change your life.

I would be very happy if this information even slightly helped you to understand yourself and your life better.

Share with me in the comments what experience do you most often choose when passing life lessons, positive or negative, and see you soon.


Elena Sanina

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