Heal Yourself

How to develop the power of thought so that you can heal yourself from diseases? Not a single doctor has yet cured a single patient - this statement could sound blasphemous if we did not know that self-healing is a wonderful property of our body. Our body independently monitors the distribution of nutrients, discarding toxins, healing of wounds, accretion of broken bones.

If and when you use full power of thought to program your subconscious with the words about your good health, this positive statement will trigger the body's self-healing. The laws of the universe will help to heal the disease, if you believe in yourself. You need to work hard with your statements about life.

It is believed that a disease occurs if a person needs it for reasons that he himself may not be fully aware of. There is not enough attention, love, care, communication with loved ones, you need a refuge from cruelty. These moments need to be clarified for yourself, to think that you benefit from the disease, no matter how strange it may sound.

Illness comes if the laws of the universe are not in harmony with the content of your thoughts. Thus, by changing destructive thoughts (fear, anxiety, jealousy) to a positive statement, you can stop the destruction of the body.

Using the laws of the universe, it is possible with the help of the subconscious mind, with the power of thinking, to fulfill anything. The main thing that needs to be remembered is that it is necessary to cultivate life-affirming words and statements in the subconscious.

So I am super-exited to hear in comments about your believes, and if you are looking for complete life transformation, if you are ready to start living life fulfilled with wealth, joy, abundance and love, check my Program Quantum Jump – Hacking the Matrix.

Love and see you soon in my new posts.


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