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how to train your Brain and achieve anything you want

You would not be surprised if I would tell you that brain is one of the most important organs of your body. And it is probably the most researched yet less understood one. Not knowing the real potential of your brain can actually negatively impact many aspects of you life. Think about it for a second. What if I will tell you now, that I can show you, how to start actually using your brain and convert it to the most powerful gadget, that would help you achieve anything you want? Does it sound attractive? Than, let's go.

Understanding the role of the brain

Our brain controls almost everything in our body - breathing, heart-beats, movements, emotions, imagination, you name it. And as any organ of our body, if not exercised our brain loses its elasticity that actually brings to the lower level of quality of our life. Let's have a look at some important factors, that would keep your brain young and active, no matter how old you are.

You are - what you eat

Our brain is an extremely energy-demanding organ. So where would we get this energy from. Diet, diet and diet. You shall be very careful to what, when and ho you eat. I will not touch in this article pros or cons of vegan, gluten-free, prana or any other sort of diet. Here I want to cover basic principles of good and bad things for our brain health. It is very important that we provide food following certain routine every day. What do I mean by that? If you normally have your breakfast 10 am in the morning, it shall be every morning exactly same time, no matter whether you eat just sun energy, bunch of broccoli or couple of eggs. If you are not practicing eating prana, than keep in mind, majority of nutritionists say that proteins, complex carbohydrates, and also omega-3 fats are essential for our diet. As well water is so much critical. Do not assume that you can replace water just with any drink. Not at all, in fact many of soft drinks make your body dehydrate even more, You need pure water, and pretty good amount of it. That being said, I would as well stress, that not only what and when you eat, but how you eat is very important for our brain. When you are eating, you shall not be distracted by any other things or your body would not absorb all the energy of this food. And without energy it can not function properly.

Try eating in small amounts several times per day, as when you would eat a lot of food during one or or two meals per day, all the energy of your body would go not to charge your brain, but to digest this food.

Learn while you live

Everyone has probably read articles that older people would have lower risk of dementia if they are engaged in intellectual work. So much true, but sadly lots of people care about learning only when they are young, yet it should be life long process. Train your brain, study something new every day, master new languages, arts, music, and you will see that not only your brain starts functioning better, but your life would start changing. Our brain is most precious gift, and shall be treated with respect and care.

Accept the world

The brain perceives the world in a distorted form, and it is very important to know, understand and acknowledge it.

Those distortions in perception at the level of consciousness are very serious, so serious that often cause conflicts and misunderstandings around the world. That is why it is important always to question both: facts and truths coming from outside, against your beliefs and ideas about the world, people around you and yourself.

You need to understand that you can control your perception of reality, and yet to understand that this perception will always be incomplete, and, keeping that in mind, make it work for you and not against you. Look from following perspective - let's say there are things or people around you, that you might not be fond of. So, find something positive about those and strive to further perceive the events or people relevant to the distortion phenomena in a positive way. And, convincing yourself that what is happening around you is positive and useful in some sense, you will notice how your attitude gradually will change to positive - you would start liking people, that previously irritated you, you will start performing routine tasks with interest and curiosity, trying to figure out, is there anything new you can discover about them. The whole world of new colors would open in front of you. You can get detailed knowledge on how to change your life gave into exiting adventure, using non utilized power of your brain.

I want to say that the constant and active development of new fields of activity comprehensively influences a person in a positive way - in person's perception of the world, in respect for himself, his personality, and in awareness of his versatility.

Control your thoughts

Like it or not, but your brain is responsible for almost 100% of how you live. Our actions are predetermined by our thoughts. So do you acknowledge it or not, do you like it or not, but you are the only person who is solely responsible for your life. You may think it does not sound to optimistic, but for me personally this fact is very encouraging. If I am responsible for what and where I am now, it absolutely means, that I can module the future I want. I just want to be aware of what is that exactly that I want from my life. There are dozens of practical advises, techniques and practices, that I cover with my Students in details in my Program Quantum Jump - Hacking the Reality, but here I would just highlight some of important steps you can do right now, to start seeing positive changes in your life.

  • Control what you say. We hear almost everything that we say. And if we constantly repeat something aloud, we soon begin to believe in that ourselves, and we start behaving, based on our belief, and such new behavior actually constructs our new reality. Will it be good or bad only you can tell.

  • Control what you think. It is commonly said that some people talk, not thinking prior, but that is not true. In fact you can not say something, if you did not think about it prior. So look above, same principle applies here. It is our thoughts that determine the way of our life, and positive, confident and assertive thinking immediately gives a huge advantage to 95% of people over those who do not practice that. You can start working on the development of the habit of positive thinking in different ways - from meditation to relaxation, from dancing to painting, sometimes reading puts people into that positive state of mind. You need to find your way and method to fight thoughts of anxiety, failures, anxieties, fears and so on.

  • Control your emotions. "Feelings are much like waves, we can not stop them from coming" was said by Jonatan Mårtensson and so true. We can not stop our feelings or emotions, but absolutely we can keep those under control. The higher you develop your EQ, the more positive changes you will notice in your life. Try it - it is worthy of trying.

So that would be just few simple thoughts to share with you. Start exercising your brain, and all those things above will help you in that, read some literature, that I recommend below, and positive changes will not make you wait to come. Would this transformation be fast? No. Would it be easy? Not at all. But by all means it would be your jump into new quality of life, that you even could not imagine before.

So here is list of books that inspired me, and I hope would inspire you.

  • Robert Anthony, Secrets of Self-Confidence. The book, after which I stopped procrastinating, moved to different country, got my 3rd degree and in general developed deep sense of self-respect. It has recipes for uprooting almost all types of cockroaches - low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, subjectivity and condemnation of other people, fears, feelings of loneliness, and so on.

  • Matthew MacDonald, "Teach Your Brain to Work." The scientific justification for many brain theories you can come across in other books. Covers every aspect of brain work and is very easy to read.

  • Timothy Ferris, "How to work 4 hours a week." I was infected with optimism, an approach to life, and just an attitude to time management.

I would stop just on these three for you to start, but I read about good hundred of very nice and helpful books, and I would be dropping my reviews here in Blog once in a while. Even in the science fiction of Asimov, fantasy of Zhelyazny or the works of Hesse have always something that you can think about and change in yourself or the world around you.

I wish you success!

With love,

Elena Sanina

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