Different times - we are too overwhelmed, under constant the stress, getting too busy to live, too distracted - our monkey mind runs a million thoughts a minute — I have solution…

Research indicates that practicing mindfulness leads to:
      improved focus and concentration

      increased happiness and well-being
      decreased stress, anxiety, and depression
      better sleep, improved immune functioning, and less chronic pain

Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity, and without judgment.

What is Mindfulness Coaching and How Could It Help You?

  • It can be difficult to start any new practice in our life, and mindfulness and meditation are no exceptions.

  • It’s helpful to have an experienced guide who can teach us the basics, hold us accountable for our practice, and offer guidance and support when we encounter difficulties.

  • Maybe you’ve already tried practicing mindfulness, but you convinced yourself you were doing it wrong.

  • Maybe your mind wouldn’t shut off. EVER.

  • Maybe you found it hard to stick with the practice.

  • Maybe you just know you need to do something to reduce your stress and live with less overwhelm … and more presence.

That’s where I come in. 

Over several weeks and/or months, you and I will work closely together to help you start your mindfulness practice.


In 45-minute sessions once a week (held via a secure online video call), you’ll learn mindfulness and meditation techniques, and we’ll explore how you can use these practices to deal with the stressors in YOUR life.


A typical 45-minute mindfulness coaching call may include:

Check In

What’s going on in your life that I should know about?


A time for YOU to ask any questions you may have…. about something in your life you’re hoping mindfulness can help you with.

Instruction and Coaching

This is the heart of the call. You’ll learn mindfulness techniques that meet YOUR needs and the demands of YOUR life. This could be many different things, but common topics are self-care, stress management, self-compassion, anger management, mindful parenting, or working with difficult emotions.

Guided Meditation

A 10-minute guided meditation just for YOU, based on the weekly teaching and YOUR needs.


What came up for you during the guided practice? How might you use this practice during your day?

Moving Forward

We’ll create a practice plan for your week and help you integrate the information from the session.

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