scientifically proven method to remove limiting blocks and believes

  1. Increase your income potential

  2. Improve your relationship

  3. Improve your self-esteem & Get rid of fears



 - these are limiting beliefs, mental blocks, unstable self-esteem that interfere with our daily life, AND become stumble-blocks in solving large and small tasks.

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If you don't change them,
then the accumulated irritation, guilt, fears, resentments lead to depression and unsettle.
Goals are not achieved or achieved with difficulty.


What does the Master Kit do?
Working with our subconscious mind, we are guaranteed to remove the causes of latent tension, identify and “garbage” our own limitations, enter a resourceful state, and also achieve the goal easily.
The technique is based on a cognitive-behavioral approach,
its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.



 It is a "psychologist in your pocket",
which allows you to quickly remove fears, unnecessary beliefs, internal barriers to money, relationships, body, and quickly achieve your goals.

This is a program that asks the right questions so that you can always find your deepest answers on your own and get closer to your goals.

This is app, soft-ware and skill that is always with you, for solving big and small life problems.

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As a result of using the Master Kit technique, you will:

Increase your income 3 times or more through the re-wiring your brain and getting rid of limiting pre-sets

Learn how to solve any relationship, health or weight issues

Once you are happy with your results, you can help your husband, children, parents

Learn how to enter a resource state and how to be in it

You can independently cope with stress, fears, resentments, anxiety

Children will see an example of happy and successful parents

You will start bringing up your kids in a way they grow up FREE

You will discover Your Life - Goal, you will start doing what you love or scale what you have

You will Get recognized

Feel that you carry value for yourself and for the world

Open up desires, personality, and improve self-esteem

It will make you feel whole, harmonious and inspired.

The Master Kit methodology is a unified approach,
a skill that will allow you to achieve goals in any of the areas:







> 70,000

users in 65 countries

by 69%

reduced stress levels as a result of using the Master Kit. Proven by scientific research.

20-30 min a day

that's what it takes to practice Master Kit


highly recommend Master Kit to their friends.

$2.3 a day

it costs the price of a cup of coffee per day for your personal pocket psychologist - your self-development and achievement of goals

> 3 times income increase

income increase within 3 months for 65% of users

facts and numbers


celebrities about master kit


John M. Fogg Jr.

international speaker and the author of more than two dozen books and tapes, including The Greatest Networker in the World

"I've been waiting for this technique my whole life. All America knows how important it is to work with thinking, but I didn't expect it to be that simple."


Dr. Michael Nobel

 member of the Nobel family, a descendant of Ludvig Nobel, a former head of the Nobel Family Society ,a co-founder and former Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust

"I sincerely believe and hope, and of course, I will support Master Kit to receive Nobel prize."


Anatolij Nekrasov

famous Russian writer, psychologist, public figure, member of the Writers' Union of Russia

"Every person has trauma and pain, and finally people have such an easy way to deal with it."


I am Elena Sanina

I am Mindfulness Coach and a mentor in the use of scientific self-development method - Master Kit.


I help people from all over the world to think about themselves, get rid of outdated and limiting beliefs, and to quickly enter a resource state and become stronger on the way to their goals.

about me


I use Master Kit user since 2015

Mentor in the Master Kit technique

Business mentor
An entrepreneur and business leader with 23 years of experience

Happy wife and mother of 2 children, I live in Canada

Prior to Master Kit, I practiced many methods of self-development (meditation, affirmations, body-oriented psychology,  cosmoenergy, etc.) - now 80% of my time is MasterKit

personal results

Increased family income 15 times in 4 years using Master Kit

Won a bet with my husband for 1 million dollars.

Founder of my own businesses, including an international school "Naked MLM" that has more than 2500 graduates all over the World

Lost 17 kg

Understood my LIFE-GOAL

World-wide Speaker and Master Kit technique ambassador around the world


This method is NOT for you if you are looking for magic pill or you used just to blame the circumstances and everyone around, rather than taking responsibility for Your own life.
I do not accept under my mentorship those who want to do nothing and wait for a miracle to happen!
But is you are a person of action, and you are ready to work 20 minutes a day to improve your life than you are more than welcome
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One of the reasons Why should you start using the Master Kit method right away?

Due to fears, low self-esteem, internal contradictions, we receive less money, work for unloved business, waste time, lose strength due to stress.

Suppose now your income is  $100 000 a year.
With Master Kit you have potential to triplicate it!

And it could have been $300 000.
This means that you lose 200 thousand a YEAR!!!

JUST think what can you do with those MONEY!

There are 4 main areas of your life: relationships, money, health and your life purpose.


How your subconscious mind shaping all four areas of your life?


How to look younger, be healthier and be happy and glowing?


MASTER KIT is online tool or mobile app that will help you to have your financials in order an get as much money as you want.


How to create a relationship of your dream and the last but not least how to discover your Life Purpose


What is the Master Kit?




Helps achieving goals right away


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